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On behalf of Mississippi USA Gymnastics, and Meet Integrity LLC, we welcome you to the 2014 Junior Olympic Level 10 National Championship and NIT Website.  As State Chair and Meet Director, I am responsible for providing you with a venue worthy of national recognition, the best equipment available, and the ease of navigating this website so that your registration and travel plans will be enjoyable and informative.

My team, consisting of over 100 professional members, staff members, and volunteers, take this responsibility very seriously.   We are proud to have you come to “our house” where we hope you will enjoy our Southern Hospitality.  We have attended many wonderful nationals, and know those before us are counting on us to continue that tradition.

Please take the time to visit the Jackson links so you will better understand the area, what it has to offer.  It is all there, and we know if you spend a bit of time researching The City With Soul-Jackson, you will know why our mantra is, Mississippi-Believe It!

In my vernacular, looking forward to seeing y’all soon!

Nancy S. Lay
Nancy S. Lay
State Director, MS USA Gymnastics