How Do I Use This Map? Close Instruction Window!

The map has many functions and uses! It will allow visitors to quickly find the locations of gymnastic facilities in Mississippi, quick information on how to contact the facility, and much more.

Instructions on Map Usage

  1. There are 'Map Controls' in the upper left hand corner of the Map. These controls allow the user to scroll: left, right, up, and down. It also allows the user to zoom in and out.
  2. Located in various spots on the map the visitor will notice the MSUSAG logo MSUSAG Logo. At each one of these locations is a Gymnastic Facility. By a simply 'Left Click' on the MSUSAG logo an information tab opens giving quick information about the facility. If the visitor double clicks on the MSUSAG logo the map automatically zooms to a close up view of the Facility's location.
  3. Visitors can easily move the map to any position on their screen by 'Left Clicking' and dragging.
  4. A visitor can easily center the map on any specific location by 'double clicking' the location on the map. Of course if you double click one of the MSUSAG logo's the map will still center but it will also zoom in on that facility. So if you are just trying to recenter the map try not to double click on the logos.
  5. The visitor will notice down the right side of this page a complete listing of all the gymnastic clubs in our State. Each club lisited has a link for both information and to quickly zoom to their faciity.
  6. Finally the visitor can find a 'Zoom to Default' at the very top of the right information bar. This link will quickly take the user back to the original view of the map

We developed this map in hopes it would benefit all visitors and the gymnastic clubs in our State. We hope you enjoy the use of the map.